Garden Close Board Feather Edge Gate – Treated Green- Strong & Solid


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1800mm HIGH X 300mm WIDE

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This listing is for any sized featheredge gate up to the sizes of 1800mm high and 300mm wide.

Please send me a message on check out if you require and smaller bespoke gate.

These are our most popular garden gates, made to blend in with featheredge fences as closely as possible. All materials used are of the same high quality as our normal fencing products.

Our featheredge gates are ledged and braced using pressure treated 38mm x 88mm structurally graded timber. The featheredge slats are 150mm for 1.8m gates and 125mm wide for smaller gates to match the materials supplied for the fences themselves.

Please email and we can quote accordingly. 

We can supply the appropriate hinges, auto latch and gate posts should you desire. Items bought together can have the postage combined. 

PLEASE NOTE: The nature of timber is that it may shrink, split and crack in hot weather as it gives up moisture into an atmosphere drier than itself, and may swell in wet weather, as it takes up moisture from an atmosphere wetter than itself.  Please not RoRo Timber are not responsible for this as it is an inherent characteristic of wood; we give this information so you can make informed decisions about using wood.

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